We are excited to be doing some long, overdue seeding behind the 300’s and behind 211-219 along Brook Village Road on both sides of the parking lot, now that the gas renovations are complete and the optimal time to seed is here! .

The ground will be loosened first, then we will bring in a significant amount of loam and hydroseed the areas. Behind the 300’s, we will be setting up hoses, sprinklers and timers for watering.

It is very important that you supervise your children and make sure that they stay away from the newly grassed areas and that they do not touch any of the equipment. We have been waiting for both the gas renovations to be complete and for fall, so that the reseeding will yield the best results. Please keep your dogs off the areas as well.

Behind the 200’s, we may have some equipment up, but we will also be hand watering because of the parking lots.

The residents, particularly in the 300’s, have been extremely patient waiting for this day to come. Thank you for being such a great group of residents!

Have a great week.

Posted by: twinponds on September 24, 2019
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