I had a lengthy conversation with Sergeant Hudon regarding the vehicle break-ins that have happened in numerous areas and communities all over southern New Hampshire, including Twin Ponds at Nashua.

He stated that they have not made any arrests and that the investigation is ongoing. Sergeant Hudon encourages citizens to help law enforcement by reporting any illegal activity or suspicious behavior as soon as it happens. He said that activity needs to be reported immediately. He continued to say that if you see someone walking around a parking lot late at night acting peculiar, you should contact the police immediately and let them investigate.

If you do see a suspicious person, Sergeant Hudon stressed the importance of noticing the details: What were they wearing? Is the person male or female? What is their ethnicity? How tall was the person? The Sergeant said that details can help a lot when they are patrolling later in the night and they see a suspect that matches the same description you may have given 3 hours earlier.
When I asked Sergeant Hudon how many apartment complexes have been hit his answer was, “numerous”. He stated patrolling has been stepped up in all affected communities.

Sergeant Hudon strongly urges residents to keep vehicle doors locked and to take wallets, purses and valuables inside with you. He stated that if you are going to keep valuables in your vehicle, they need to be hidden. He said that these criminals were a bit more brazen than usual. He said that some of the break-ins included smashed windows when the doors were locked because they wanted the valuable item that was in clear view.

Be vigilant and look out for one another.

Deb Palmer, Manager

Posted by: twinponds on January 17, 2019
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