Please be sure to remove all of the decorations and lighting from your tree and then dispose of it at the furniture dumpster. The furniture dumpster is the closest dumpster to the entrance of the dumpster enclosure along Brook Village Road near the large dog park and in front of building 301.

It is important that you walk your trees to the back of the dumpster so that others have room to put their trees and large furniture into the dumpster as well. All trash must remain below the top of the dumpster so that it can be covered and hauled away when it is full.


For the Villa residents, please know that Waste Management does not pick up Christmas trees as part of their normal curbside pick-up. The Christmas trees cannot be comingled with the trash. It is imperative that you bring your trees to the dumpster as well. Leaving your trees at curbside will only impede maintenance and snow removal procedures.

Anyone found leaving their trees elsewhere or not disposing of their trees properly will be fined upwards of $100.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.

Posted by: twinponds on January 3, 2019
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