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Lost cat. We need your help!

A Courtyard resident from the 200’s left their downstairs door open for a moment today. When she came downstairs, a cat found its way inside the hallway. She said the cat was panting and in need of shade and water at the time.

Our worried resident has the cat in her home because she is trying to be helpful. If your cat is missing or you know who owns this cat, please call Ginell at 603-438-4062.

Thank you.


Pennichuck Water is flushing the lines

You may have noticed your water has been running yellowish brown yesterday and today. Pennichuck Water is flushing the water mains as part of their maintenance program. Unfortunately, we did not receive notice that this was going to occur.

The current schedule in our area is today through Friday between the hours of 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Pennichuck states the following in their message to residents: Discolored water may result from the flushing so we recommend that you fill bottles with water for use during this time. If you experience colored water after the scheduled completion time, please run the cold water for 5 to 10 minutes to clear your service line. If your water does not clear up, or if you have concerns regarding flushing, please call Customer Service at 800-553-5191.
Please avoid washing clothes during the dates and times detailed in your system.
Pennichuck would like to reassure its customers that the water is safe to drink and any discoloration should clear up after the water is run for a few minutes.

If you need more information, please visit Pennichuck’s website HERE. Thank you.

Free Fisher Cat Tickets!!! Who wants them???

We have free season tickets to the New Hampshire Fisher Cats tickets.

The tickets will go to the first callers.


Dog of the Month

Twin Pond’s Dog of the Month is Toda

Toda just won a cute, customized gift and bragging rights to be Twin Ponds dog of the month!

Toda’s picture will be proudly displayed for the month in our office for everyone to enjoy and she will be on our Facebook page too.

You could be next month’s winner. Our Dog of the Month contest has already started. There is a Dog of the Month contest every month.

For complete rules, check our Facebook page HERE and enter a picture of your pup for a chance to be next month’s winners. Good luck!



It is that time of year again. Twin Ponds at Nashua is a proud sponsor of the New Hampshire Fisher Cats. This is their 16th Anniversary Season. Celebrate their 16th year and enjoy a free game on Twin Ponds with your family or friends.

The tickets will go to the first callers. Please do not call unless you can really go. We have four tickets to each game.

Get calling!!!!









Gardening 2019

The Twin Ponds Garden 2019

How green is your thumb? Would you like to find out??? Twin Ponds at Nashua proudly has two community gardens for the residents to enjoy during the summer. We have 18 plots that are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Please read the rules and if you are interested, please follow the simple instructions to claim your plot.

(click to enlarge)

• Plot numbers will be issued on a first come, first serve basis. We will attempt to plot locations upon request.
• If you were assigned a plot, but you have not tended to it by June 1st, you will be notified via email and the community will be notified there is a plot available. This process will repeat on the 1st of every month throughout the gardening season.
• Only organic, non-toxic pesticides and materials can be used in the gardens.
• Soil will be delivered at both gardens by April 15th.
• The water will be turned on by April 15th
• The Garden Coordinator is Noel. Noel has been a resident at Twin Ponds for several years now and she was kind enough to volunteer her time and take charge of this project. She is who you will be speaking to when you email Thanks Noel!!! We appreciate all that you do. You can always talk to management, but talk to Noel about the garden first.
• We want gardeners! Not I “think I might garden”. We want “I KNOW I will garden”-gardeners because space is limited with only 18 plots. It is first come, first serve based on when we receive your email. We will not accept phone calls to reserve your space. Here is what you need to do:

Copy and paste the following and send it to

Apartment #
Phone #
Did you garden last year?
If so, what was your plot #
We look forward to another great year! We have seen some awesome stuff come out of those gardens. PS: Management loves tomatoes, cukes, peppers…. 🙂 Happy gardening!!!
We would love some garden photos to post this year! Our Facebook is very active and growing all the time. We would like some for our blog on our Twin Ponds at Nashua website page too. Show us where your garden started and where it ended up.

Thank you.
Noel and Twin Ponds
Management would like to thank Noel, a long time resident who volunteers
her time to oversee the Garden for the Twin Ponds residents. Thank you Noel for all that you do!

Dog of the Month!

Why so serious Zeus and Sugar!

You are Twin Ponds Dogs of the month!

Congratulations to Zeus and Sugar and their owners Chrystyana and Jason for scouling their way into our hearts for the Dog of the month contest! Zeus and Sugar will be on display in the office until next month when the new winners claim their special spot. They also win a hand selected gift from Twin Ponds that we think they will just love. This is our way of saying, we love having you here and your dogs here!

Check our Facebook page HERE and enter a picture of your pup for a chance to be next month’s winners. Good luck!


Attention Summit Residents

The owner of the Summit building allows residents to store personal items, at your own risk, in your assigned parking spaces.

This is a friendly reminder to keep your items in a neat and orderly fashion. Not all residents choose to use the parking garage to store their personal items, but do wish to use the garage. It is important when sharing a common area space that you remember it is just that, a “common” space for many people with various ideas and opinions to share while abiding by the rules.

On another note, some residents have been leaving shoes and shopping carts in the common hallways. This is absolutely not allowed. There are to be no personal belongings left in the common hallways. Currently, there is a large table and numerous chairs under one of the stairways in the building. We would like the owner of the table and chairs to remove them immediately. The table and chairs will be removed on Friday, March 1st, before Noon if they are still there.

Thank you everyone. I hope everyone is having a great week.

The Management

Snow Storm 2-21-19

Management just left the Villas and there are an awful lot of vehicles that are not moving for the snow plows. For those of you that have moved, we truly appreciate it.
We towed over a dozen cars during the last storm. Please move your vehicles immediately if you are in the Villas and for the rest of you, please move according to your zones. I saw many people in the Villas clearing their vehicles at 10:00am. The zone begins at 8:00am.
It is very frustrating for the snow removal contractors and management when we are trying to provide you top notch service. It is also unfair to the residents that are abiding by the rules. When you do not move your vehicle and your neighbor has, you are making it so that your rule-abiding neighbor does not receive the proper snow removal that he/she deserves and their space is directly affected.
Please move your vehicles according to your zones. Tow trucks can be here in as little as 10 minutes. Thank you.

Twin Ponds Management

Dog of the month – February 2019

Congratulations Hazel Mae…you bundle of cuteness!

Congratulations to Hazel Mae and her owner Pamela for winning the Twin Ponds dog of the month contest!

Pam is already one lucky lady owning a pup like Hazel Mae and now she can brag that she one Dog of the Month. Hazel Mae’s adorable face will be posted in her very own frame for everyone to see until next month’s winner claims their spot. Hazel Mae also gets to go on a little shopping spree, compliments of Twin Ponds and thanks to who voted for her.

Check our Facebook page HERE and enter a picture of your dog to be next month’s winners. Good luck to everyone!


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