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Dog Photo Contest Winner

” A Round of a Paws please”

The winners of Twin ponds Nashuas Dog of the month contest are Zeus and Digby owned by the proud Jessica Lanfair!



Jessica won a shopping spree at Petco for her pups and bragging rights at the office with Zeus and Digby’s picture proudly posted for everyone to see.

You can win next month.  Our Dog of the Month contest has already started. If you did not already know, there is a Dog of the Month contest every month. Photos are accepted throughout the month. The voting will begin on the first weekday following the end of the month and run for 7 days. For complete rules, go to the Twin Ponds at Nashua Facebook page at


Snow Storm of 1-4-18

Good morning Twin Ponds,

We have three large pieces of equipment on the property clearing spaces and walkways and another crew is on the property hand shoveling.
Residents are not moving their cars and it is impossible for the snow removal contractors to clear parking spaces.

We need you to clean off your cars and move your vehicles to an already plowed space. Clean up is going to take days and cooperation is mandatory. The storm was over last night by 8pm.

We have the tow company on standby if we do not gain your immediate cooperation. For those of you that went outside last night and first thing this morning, thank you for your assistance. For the rest of you, you are impeding snow removal operations and greatly affecting the parking. The time to clean off your cars and move them is when the equipment is on the property. That time is now.

We never want to tow vehicles. It is a last resort. We would much rather have your cooperation and provide a safe property with as much parking as possible. When one vehicle is not moved, it means three parking spaces do not get plowed. It is impossible to plow the space on the right and the left of that vehicle.

Thank you for your cooperation and immediate attention to this matter. Have a warm and happy weekend.

The Office is Closing Early. Did You Receive All of Your Packages?

We are shutting down for our holiday party and locking our doors at Noon today. Please let my staff enjoy their time together. They work so hard all year long. I appreciate what they do for me and for our community.  I ask that routine matters wait until next week please. If it is an emergency, by all means come and get us and we will gladly help you.

Have you received all of your packages? We made sure to call anyone that had packages in the office yesterday and we hand delivered some. We do not have any packages in the office at this time.  One of the amenities of living here is that we happily receive packages on your behalf as a courtesy.

Since Christmas is falling on Monday, some of you may still have deliveries coming. If you do, we strongly urge you to contact the shipper and re-route the shipping address to your home address if you were using the office’s address as a shipping address. We will not come to the office for packages once the office is closed at today at noon. If you call the emergency number to pick up a package, you will be charged the non-emergency fine and our on-call staff will not be able to help you. I wanted to give you the heads up so you had time to prepare.

From all of us at Twin Ponds to all of you,

Happy Holidays and we hope your Holiday season is wonderful.


Pennichuck Water Works testing Backflow Prevention Devices

On January 11th between the hours of 11am and 230pm, Pennichuck will be testing the backflow prevention devices to make sure they are working properly.

A backflow prevention device is used to protect potable water (drinkable water) supplies from contamination or pollution due to backflow. Reduced pressure in the pipe may allow contaminated water from the soil, from storage, or from other sources to be drawn up into the system.

-If you don’t know, now you know.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Management.


Santa Clause is coming to Twin Ponds

You better not shout. You better not cry. You better not pout. I’m telling you why….

…because Santa Clause will be at the office to take pics with your dogs, your children and even the “big” kids (adults that have not grown up) can grab a pic with our beloved Twin Ponds Santa.  Enjoy a cup of cocoa or coffee and wish your neighbors a happy holiday season.







December Dog Photo Contest

The winner of Twin ponds Nashuas Dog of the month contest is Danielle Keegan with the gorgeous Nan-Nook!  What a beautiful playful pup Nan-Nook is. They took home the biggest prize of the year. The Christmas prize is full of healthy snacks, toys and a gift card to get what ever his heart desires.

Merry Christmas Nan-Nook and congrats Danielle. Thanks for playing.

Our next Dog of the Month contest has already started. If you did not already know, there is a Dog of the Month contest every month. Photos are accepted throughout the month. The voting will begin on the first weekday following the end of the month and run for 7 days. For complete rules, go to the Twin Ponds at Nashua Facebook page at


Thanksgiving Hours

Twin Ponds would like to wish all of you a safe, happy and healthy Thanksgiving. We are thankful for each and every one of you making Twin Ponds the wonderful community it is.

So that the Twin Ponds employees have the opportunity to enjoy the holiday with their families, we will be observing the following hours:




Thank you for your business and enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

Papa John’s Promo Code

Who doesn’t like pizza?

Who doesn’t like PAPA JOHN’S PIZZA???

Now thru December 31, 2018, Twin Ponds has their own special promo code.  Every Thursdays, Twin Ponds residents can enjoy 40% off on Pan, Large & XL Pizzas if you order online!

We have cards with the promo codes at the office just for you.  Swing by and grab one when you are grabbing the mail or walking your dog by the office.  Thanks Papa John’s!

Halloween Info

Halloween will be celebrated in Nashua on Tuesday, October 31st from 6pm to 8pm.

If you live in one of the multi-family buildings, you cannot leave your porch light on for our little trick-or-treaters.  Just right click on the photo below and put it on your door to let the little ghouls and goblins know you have the goodies. If your kids are a little older and they are going out on their own, please show them this post so they are not knocking on doors without this sign on it.  The Courtyards and the Villas have porch lights so this only applies for the big, multi-family buildings.

We have trick or treat bags in the office for the taking. Have a fun and safe evening and as always, when in doubt…throw it out.  From Twin Ponds Happy Halloween.




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