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Please Put Your Toys Away

The warm weather is finally coming and in just another month, the pool will be open and we will be scheduling the fishing derby for the kids. Soon, the flowers will be blooming, the trees and shrubs will fill in and we will see the kids running around and being kids. There is nothing that makes us happier than to see kids laughing, playing and enjoying themselves.

We expect children to have toys to play with, but all toys, no matter how big or small, must be stored inside your apartment. If you live on the first floor, you do not even have to lug your toys up a flight of stairs. You can store them on your patio when they are not in use.

As much as we understand kids need their toys, it does not mean that just because they are toys, you can leave them in the grass and hallways of buildings and not pick them up at the end of the day. This is everyone’s property and living in a multi-family community means being respectful of others. It actually means that you treat the common areas as though it were someone else’s and not your own. The landscapers should not have to pick up toys or mow around toys or any personal property for that matter, that are being left in the grass. The building cleaners should not have to clean around toys and shoes left in hallways outside your apartment doors.

I also need to ask that your children, especially young ones be supervised while out playing in the community. I was sent a video today of children destroying one of the trees behind building 307/309. They were just standing there, breaking branches off of this tree. These trees were planted 10 years ago. It takes a long time for trees to mature. These kids were 4 to 10 years old and there was not a parent in sight.

Lastly, we spent over $15,000 in masonry work last year on the walkways. We know many of these bricks come up during snow removal, however, we have also have seen the evidence of children pulling bricks out of the walkways and tree rings as well. Please supervise your children so you are not unnecessarily fined for these repairs.

There are a large amount of toys behind the 300 buildings, specifically 309 and 315. If you own these toys and there are too many toys to store on your own patio, than we are afraid you are going to have to get rid of them. Next week we will be doing a thorough inspection of the property.

Beginning next week, if we find toys, bicycles and any personal property anywhere in the common areas, ie., the lawns, the hallways, we will be disposing of it. If it takes our crew a significant amount of time, or there are repeat offenses, you may end up being fined for our time.

I appreciate your attention to these matters. We really do not want to be the bad guy. We just want the kids to play while being mindful of others and the property.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.

Fisher Cats tickets up for grabs!

Twin Ponds at Nashua is a proud sponsor of the New Hampshire Fisher Cats. This is their 15th Anniversary Season. Celebrate their 15th year and enjoy a free game on Twin Ponds this year with your family or friends. The tickets will go to the first callers. Getting calling!!!!

We have 4 season tickets for each of the following games:

Friday, April 13th @ 6:35pm vs. Hartford Yard Goats

Saturday, April 14th @ 6:35PM vs. Hartford Yard Goats

Sunday, April 15th @ 1:35pm vs. Hartford Yard Goats

Tuesday, April 17th @ 6:35pm vs. Binghamton Rumble Ponies

Wednesday, April 18th @ 6:35pm vs. Binghamton Rumble Ponies

Thursday, April 19th @ 10:35am vs. Binghamton Rumble Ponies

Take a few pics while you are there. We would love to start a Fisher Cats album on our Facebook page and post some pics on our blog.

Garden Plots Available

How green is your thumb? Would you like to find out??? Twin Ponds at Nashua proudly has two community gardens for the residents to enjoy during the summer. We have 18 plots that are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Please read the rules and if you are interested, please follow the simple instructions to claim your plot.

(click to enlarge)

• Plot numbers will be issued on a first come, first serve basis. We will attempt to plot locations upon request.
• If you were assigned a plot, but you have not tended to it by June 1st, you will be notified via email and the community will be notified there is a plot available. This process will repeat on the 1st of every month throughout the gardening season.
• Only organic, non-toxic pesticides and materials can be used in the gardens.
• Soil will be delivered at both gardens by April 15th.
• The water will be turned on by April 15th
• The Garden Coordinator is Noel. Noel has been a resident at Twin Ponds for several years now and she was kind enough to volunteer her time and take charge of this project. She is who you will be speaking to when you email Thanks Noel!!! We appreciate all that you do. You can always talk to management, but talk to Noel about the garden first.
• We want gardeners! Not I “think I might garden”. We want “I KNOW I will garden”-gardeners because space is limited with only 18 plots. It is first come, first serve based on when we receive your email. We will not accept phone calls to reserve your space. Here is what you need to do:


Copy and paste the following and send it to


Apartment #
Phone #
Did you garden last year?
If so, what was your plot #


We look forward to another great year! We have seen some awesome stuff come out of those gardens. PS: Management loves tomatoes, cukes, peppers…. 🙂 Happy gardening!!!
We would love some garden photos to post this year! Our Facebook is very active and growing all the time. We would like some for our blog on our Twin Ponds at Nashua website page too. Show us where your garden started and where it ended up.

Thank you.
Noel and Twin Ponds

Management would also like to thank Noel, a long time resident who volunteers

her time to oversee the Garden for the Twin Ponds residents. Thank you Noel for all that you do!

Villa Resident Curbside Trash Rules

Good morning Villa Residents.

This is a reminder regarding trash pickup. Lately, it seems many residents are leaving their trash out early, well outside the scheduled pick up times.

Not only is this a problem with the wildlife dragging the garbage around and making the property look horrible, it is awful for the residents that live closest to the site of the drop off. Everyone has a foyer to store trash until the schedule dates/times and there is no need to be inconsiderate of others on the property.

Trash is picked up curbside on Mondays and Thursdays. Please place trash in the designated area on the morning of pick up by 8:00 a.m.

When there is a holiday on a Monday, both pick up days are pushed ahead one day. If there is a holiday on a Thursday, only Thursday’s day will change to Friday.

The problem has become so bad that we have instructed maintenance to pay close attention to any early drop offs. In accordance with the Guidebook, fines of $25.00 per item will be imposed for non-compliance. We strongly advise that you follow the schedule to avoid these fines. If someone in your area is dropping off early, let us know.

For more details on curbside pick up, please view the Resident Guidebook under Resident Resources on the Twin Ponds website. You can find the information HERE.

Thank you.

Assigned Parking

Almost every resident of Twin Ponds has an assigned parking space. If you do, you pay for that as part of your rent.

Having an assigned space is a wonderful thing when you come home late after work with all those groceries, unless…SOMEONE IS PARKED IN YOUR SPACE!  UGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

We have done something very unique at Twin Ponds in that we allow our residents to contact the towing company directly if there is someone parked in their space. You must show a lease and matching driver’s license in order to have this service.  Due to the fact that we get so many visitors in our community, we promote letting the “violator” know they have parked in your space by leaving them a friendly note and asking them nicely not to do it again.

It also helps if you jot down the plate number, or even take a picture of the vehicle and send it to management at and we will send a reminder to the resident at fault IF they are in our system. If it ends up being a visitor, then at least you have left a friendly note and there are no excuses for if they were to do it again when you have them towed.

There will be times that the towing company is unavailable and we know this can be frustrating. Please know that we are extremely lucky to have this company and it is difficult to find a towing company that will meet the criteria of a private property owner and they have done that.

The system is not perfect. We have been actively tagging and towing unregistered, uninspected and immobile vehicles. We are also enforcing the number of vehicles residents have permission to have. Remember, we can tow your vehicle for being unregistered, immobile or uninspected at the vehicle owner’s expense without notice. We can also tow if you leave a vehicle unattended after a storm impeding snow removal operations.

Lastly, having an assigned space comes with some resident responsibility.  You know the rules but your guests and visitors do not. It is your responsibility as a resident of Twin Ponds to keep them informed. If you have a guest, simply make sure they have not parked in an assigned space by asking them not to do so. I am pretty sure if you told your guest that they can be towed at their expense for doing so, they would probably think twice about doing it. It would be wonderful if our towing company did not have to hear from us at all.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.

Twin Pond at Nashua Management




Dog Photo Contest Winner


Our ADORABLE, Valentine’s Pup of the month winner is Terra. Terra is owned by the Emily Moreau!  We are sure Terra will be making plenty of friends this spring here at Twin Ponds.

Freyja’s owner, Tamra won a gift certificate to an awesome pet store named America’s Pets located on Lowell Road in Hudson.  America’s Pets is a holistic pet food and supply store with grooming in house. They have all kinds of pet foods, treats and toys. They are located right over the bridge at 142 Lowell Road.  Check em’ out!

Freyja’s picture will also be proudly displayed for the month in our office for everyone to enjoy.

You can win next month.  Our Dog of the Month contest has already started.  There is a Dog of the Month contest every month. Photos are accepted throughout the month. The voting will begin on the first weekday following the end of the month and run for 7 days. For complete rules, go to the Twin Ponds at Nashua Facebook page at

Dog Photo Contest Winner

” A Round of a Paws please”

The winners of Twin ponds Nashuas Dog of the month contest are Zeus and Digby owned by the proud Jessica Lanfair!



Jessica won a shopping spree at Petco for her pups and bragging rights at the office with Zeus and Digby’s picture proudly posted for everyone to see.

You can win next month.  Our Dog of the Month contest has already started. If you did not already know, there is a Dog of the Month contest every month. Photos are accepted throughout the month. The voting will begin on the first weekday following the end of the month and run for 7 days. For complete rules, go to the Twin Ponds at Nashua Facebook page at


Snow Storm of 1-4-18

Good morning Twin Ponds,

We have three large pieces of equipment on the property clearing spaces and walkways and another crew is on the property hand shoveling.
Residents are not moving their cars and it is impossible for the snow removal contractors to clear parking spaces.

We need you to clean off your cars and move your vehicles to an already plowed space. Clean up is going to take days and cooperation is mandatory. The storm was over last night by 8pm.

We have the tow company on standby if we do not gain your immediate cooperation. For those of you that went outside last night and first thing this morning, thank you for your assistance. For the rest of you, you are impeding snow removal operations and greatly affecting the parking. The time to clean off your cars and move them is when the equipment is on the property. That time is now.

We never want to tow vehicles. It is a last resort. We would much rather have your cooperation and provide a safe property with as much parking as possible. When one vehicle is not moved, it means three parking spaces do not get plowed. It is impossible to plow the space on the right and the left of that vehicle.

Thank you for your cooperation and immediate attention to this matter. Have a warm and happy weekend.

The Office is Closing Early. Did You Receive All of Your Packages?

We are shutting down for our holiday party and locking our doors at Noon today. Please let my staff enjoy their time together. They work so hard all year long. I appreciate what they do for me and for our community.  I ask that routine matters wait until next week please. If it is an emergency, by all means come and get us and we will gladly help you.

Have you received all of your packages? We made sure to call anyone that had packages in the office yesterday and we hand delivered some. We do not have any packages in the office at this time.  One of the amenities of living here is that we happily receive packages on your behalf as a courtesy.

Since Christmas is falling on Monday, some of you may still have deliveries coming. If you do, we strongly urge you to contact the shipper and re-route the shipping address to your home address if you were using the office’s address as a shipping address. We will not come to the office for packages once the office is closed at today at noon. If you call the emergency number to pick up a package, you will be charged the non-emergency fine and our on-call staff will not be able to help you. I wanted to give you the heads up so you had time to prepare.

From all of us at Twin Ponds to all of you,

Happy Holidays and we hope your Holiday season is wonderful.


Pennichuck Water Works testing Backflow Prevention Devices

On January 11th between the hours of 11am and 230pm, Pennichuck will be testing the backflow prevention devices to make sure they are working properly.

A backflow prevention device is used to protect potable water (drinkable water) supplies from contamination or pollution due to backflow. Reduced pressure in the pipe may allow contaminated water from the soil, from storage, or from other sources to be drawn up into the system.

-If you don’t know, now you know.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Management.


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