We currently have over 20 pet waste stations on the property and we provide the dog bags for you. Simply walk your dog and use the pet waste stations and we dispose of the dog waste rain or shine, snow or sleet or if it is 100 degrees out. You can imagine the job is a nasty one but it is contained and we take care of it. We really appreciate it when the bags are tied in a knot and thank you if you already do that. 😊


Many residents have taken it upon themselves to pile dog waste bags in front of their apartment doors, on their patios, sometimes in waste barrels and sometimes just in piles. In no way, shape or form, is this acceptable. This is common area and you share it with 400+ other apartments that you live near.

Today, we picked up a barrel that had over 70 pink doggy bags full of dog waste along with the polluted rainwater and maggots. I am almost gagging thinking about what I saw.

We are one of the only communities that we know of on the East Coast and even nationwide that allows ALL dogs without any breed restriction or weight restriction. All we ask is that you pick up after your dog and keep your dogs’ rabies vaccination up to date. Our community only charges a one-time pet fee when every other community charges monthly pet fees. We know all these facts were important when you moved in, but we need them to remain important to you as you live here in this dog loving community.

If you are piling dog waste bags in front of your apartment door to throw away later, we are rightfully taking a samples of the waste, sending samples to the lab and fining you in accordance with your lease. These fines start at $100 and go up from there. I urge you to remove these piles and barrels immediately and to treat the property and your neighbors with the respect that they deserve. If your piles or barrels are already gone, you should expect to see a fine and refrain from doing this in the future.

Thank you.

Twin Ponds Management

Posted by: twinponds on July 2, 2019
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