We have scheduled the common hallway carpets to be cleaned next week. Please look at the schedules below and use extra care as you enter your homes when walking from the wet carpets onto any flooring other than carpet i.e., tile or laminate flooring. It can be VERY slippery.

In the Summit and the Fountains, there are areas in the common hallways that transition to either tile or rubber that can be extremely slippery after the carpets are cleaned. Please use caution.

The carpets should only remain wet for 24 hours, but it could be longer depending on the humidity levels.

Garden buildings A, F & The Summit: Tuesday, June 18th.

Garden buildings B, C, D, E & The Fountain building 337: Wednesday, June 19th

Fountain buildings 339 & 341: Thursday, June 20th.

This would be a good time to remove any personal belongings from the hallway. You should never keep personal property in the hallways. Many people keep shoes, umbrellas and other items in the hallways and it is simply not allowed. It is first and foremost a fire hazard, but it is also unsightly and makes the cleaners’ job harder than need be.

For your safety, we will be disposing of personal property left in the common hallway from this time forward. Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Be sure to tell your visitors too.

Posted by: twinponds on June 10, 2019
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