Management just left the Villas and there are an awful lot of vehicles that are not moving for the snow plows. For those of you that have moved, we truly appreciate it.
We towed over a dozen cars during the last storm. Please move your vehicles immediately if you are in the Villas and for the rest of you, please move according to your zones. I saw many people in the Villas clearing their vehicles at 10:00am. The zone begins at 8:00am.
It is very frustrating for the snow removal contractors and management when we are trying to provide you top notch service. It is also unfair to the residents that are abiding by the rules. When you do not move your vehicle and your neighbor has, you are making it so that your rule-abiding neighbor does not receive the proper snow removal that he/she deserves and their space is directly affected.
Please move your vehicles according to your zones. Tow trucks can be here in as little as 10 minutes. Thank you.

Twin Ponds Management

Posted by: twinponds on February 21, 2019
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