We had a wonderful time with Santa last night. Most of the kids came in jammies and brought their blankets and some dressed up in beautiful holiday outfits. The children gathered around Santa at the fireplace as he read Twas the Night Before Christmas and a few other stories. One story was a fairy tale about a tiny pine tree that wanted to have bigger leaves but found out his leaves were just perfect for him. The kids had cocoa with marshmallows and cookies and they all had their turn sitting on Santa’s lap. They each told Santa what they wanted for Christmas. Santa asked each child, “Have you been good?” and if there were siblings he would ask, “Are you good to each other?” Some of them said yes and some answered, “Sometimes”.  Santa rewarded them for being good and if they had answered “sometimes”, he told them to work on it and gave them all a token and candy cane. We heard the children asking Santa for all kinds of toys, one asked for a puppy and one little girl asked Santa for her family to stay wonderful. Awesome!

A huge thank you goes out to Steve from maintenance for doing all the shopping for the event and to Kyle, the Maintenance Supervisor, for staying so late to accompany Deb, the Manager, when we know he was supposed to be doing shopping. Deb loves doing these events for her community and nothing makes her happier than seeing the smiles on the faces not only the kids but the parents too. Twin Ponds is more than an apartment complex, it is truly a community.

Happy Holidays to all of you from all of us at Twin Ponds.

Enjoy these awesome pictures.

Santa 2018


Posted by: twinponds on December 21, 2018
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