We are shutting down for our holiday party and locking our doors at Noon today. Please let my staff enjoy their time together. They work so hard all year long. I appreciate what they do for me and for our community.  I ask that routine matters wait until next week please. If it is an emergency, by all means come and get us and we will gladly help you.

Have you received all of your packages? We made sure to call anyone that had packages in the office yesterday and we hand delivered some. We do not have any packages in the office at this time.  One of the amenities of living here is that we happily receive packages on your behalf as a courtesy.

Since Christmas is falling on Monday, some of you may still have deliveries coming. If you do, we strongly urge you to contact the shipper and re-route the shipping address to your home address if you were using the office’s address as a shipping address. We will not come to the office for packages once the office is closed at today at noon. If you call the emergency number to pick up a package, you will be charged the non-emergency fine and our on-call staff will not be able to help you. I wanted to give you the heads up so you had time to prepare.

From all of us at Twin Ponds to all of you,

Happy Holidays and we hope your Holiday season is wonderful.


Posted by: twinponds on December 22, 2017
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