As you might know there are some great exciting things coming to our resident Facebook page in September! As of September 1st our resident Bingo and Dog of the month photo contest will be 100% on our Facebook page!

We will use this blog just like we used our Resident Resource page on our prior website. We promise that modernizing our website will not affect the hands-on style of management we are so proud of. Twin Ponds will always be a true community and a place you can call home.

Watch this blog for community announcements and events and be sure to like our Facebook page as we will be using it for some of our contests. Just go to the bottom of the website home page to find the Twin Ponds Facebook page.

Bingo and our Dog Photo of the Month contest started fresh as of September 1st. If you were close to winning bingo, sorry, we had to start over.  Remember, the winner of bingo receives a $200 credit on their rent!


Bingo is as follows: Bingo numbers will still be drawn daily except now they will be posted on the Facebook wall. You will have to look for the number daily. When we have a winner, we will announce it here and on the Facebook page.  Numbers are only drawn Monday thru Friday and not on Holidays.

Dog of the month photo contest is as follows: We love this contest! Photos are submitted from the 1st through the last day of each month. The voting will begin on the first weekday following the end of the month and run for 7 days.   Voting is limited to one vote per day, per household. Residents will want to like and follow our page to participate, and new features include instant entry. Is your dog doing something great right now? You can now point take the photo and add to the contest instantly.

How it works
Mobile Users there is a link pinned to the top of our comment wall you will click this. PC users there is a dog of the month contest tab under the home button on our Facebook wall or you can click the link.

Lastly, the owners are considering purchasing season tickets to the Manchester Monarchs.  They have asked me to conduct a poll to see how many of you would be interested in attending games if they were to purchase them.  Please send an email to with Monarchs in the subject line and simply type “yes” if you would be interested in attending these games.  If there is a big enough response, the owners will purchase Monarch season tickets for the residents this winter.

Have a great day and do not forget to like our Facebook page!


Posted by: twinponds on September 6, 2017
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