Energy Efficient Living at The Courtyards

In our efforts to provide our tenants with the finest rental housing available, we have constructed The Courtyards as a state of the art energy and environmentally positive residence.

Because of our energy and environmentally special construction, we have received the prestigious LEEDS silver certificate. LEEDS certificates are awarded nationally by the United States Green Building Council of which we are members.

The heating and air conditioning systems are manufactured by Daikin. The fixtures have been used for a number of years in Europe and our installation was the first in the United States. They utilize an advanced heat pump technology that uses the energy in the air temperature to heat hot water for domestic uses and also to heat and cool the home.

Because our units are so heavily insulated (R28 in the walls and R50 in the ceilings), and air pressure tested to greatly diminish outside air infiltration as well as heat loss to the outside, heating and cooling is energy efficient as well as comfortable. Outside air is brought into the system through a separate filtered line before it is heated or cooled. This system requires filters to be changed every 90 days to ensure maximum operation and pollen reduction which our staff will do for you.
Our grounds have been seeded with a special seed that is slow growing and retains water. This modified seed permits less watering and fewer mowings and fertilizations, thereby reducing energy use as well as toxins in the ground and air.

The Courtyards are paved with stones that allow the passage of water into the gravel directly, rather than pocketing.

Wherever possible, all of our electronically connected fixtures carry an Energy Star certification. This includes lights as well as permissible appliances.