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Congratulations New England Patriots!!!!

Twin Ponds at Nashua congratulates

The New England Patriots for winning the

sixth Lombardi Trophy with a 13-3 win over the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII!!!


It is pretty awesome to unite as part of the ultimate title town…






Storm Update 1-21-19

We wanted to thank the majority of you who have cooperated with the snow removal contractors by moving your vehicles according to the time zones you are in.

The snow removal is currently being done in Zone 3, the 200’s and the Gardens, and there are still several vehicles that need to be moved.

Please move your vehicles immediately to avoid towing, at your expense, so that we can get the property cleaned thoroughly.

For those of you that are calling to have vehicles towed that are parked in your assigned space during snow removal procedures, I would like to ask that you be patient with one another between the hours of 8AM to 2PM.  Not only is it difficult to see the numbers on the ground with the snow, you are neighbors. We need to work together, not against each other.

Thank you again.

Winter is Here

We have followed the time line of the storm and spoke to the foreman of the snow removal crew assigned to Twin Ponds. We discussed the Snow Removal Procedures that we have set in place which we believe will provide the best results for our residents.

Due to the timing of the storm, the true clean up the spaces will not be done until Monday, January 21st since the storm will most likely stop some time during or after the set time for Zone 3 which is Noon to 2pm on Sunday. Morin’s will be cleaning the main roadways, the empty parking spaces and the walkways throughout the storm and after the storm but the true clean up will not happen until Monday.

Please read the Snow Removal Procedures carefully and thoroughly and make sure you understand which zone you are in. Be sure you move all your vehicles at the appropriate time during your Zone. Vehicles will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense if they are not moved according to the Snow Removal Procedures. You can find everything you need to know by clicking on the Snow Removal Procedures here:

Snow Removal Procedures

Thank you for your cooperation. Have a safe weekend Go Pats!!!!

Update Re: Widespread Vehicle Break-Ins

I had a lengthy conversation with Sergeant Hudon regarding the vehicle break-ins that have happened in numerous areas and communities all over southern New Hampshire, including Twin Ponds at Nashua.

He stated that they have not made any arrests and that the investigation is ongoing. Sergeant Hudon encourages citizens to help law enforcement by reporting any illegal activity or suspicious behavior as soon as it happens. He said that activity needs to be reported immediately. He continued to say that if you see someone walking around a parking lot late at night acting peculiar, you should contact the police immediately and let them investigate.

If you do see a suspicious person, Sergeant Hudon stressed the importance of noticing the details: What were they wearing? Is the person male or female? What is their ethnicity? How tall was the person? The Sergeant said that details can help a lot when they are patrolling later in the night and they see a suspect that matches the same description you may have given 3 hours earlier.
When I asked Sergeant Hudon how many apartment complexes have been hit his answer was, “numerous”. He stated patrolling has been stepped up in all affected communities.

Sergeant Hudon strongly urges residents to keep vehicle doors locked and to take wallets, purses and valuables inside with you. He stated that if you are going to keep valuables in your vehicle, they need to be hidden. He said that these criminals were a bit more brazen than usual. He said that some of the break-ins included smashed windows when the doors were locked because they wanted the valuable item that was in clear view.

Be vigilant and look out for one another.

Deb Palmer, Manager

Dog of the Month – January 2019

Happy New Year to you Zoe! Zoe knows how to ring in the new year…..with a WIN!

Congratulations to Zoe and her owner Natalie for winning the Twin Ponds dog of the month contest! Natalie just scored bragging rights and Zoe will be displayed in the office in a frame of her very own for everyone to see until next month’s winners claim their spot. They also win a little gift from Twin Ponds as our way of saying, we love having you here!

Check our Facebook page HERE and enter a picture of your pup for a chance to be next month’s winners.

Christmas Tree Disposal

Please be sure to remove all of the decorations and lighting from your tree and then dispose of it at the furniture dumpster. The furniture dumpster is the closest dumpster to the entrance of the dumpster enclosure along Brook Village Road near the large dog park and in front of building 301.

It is important that you walk your trees to the back of the dumpster so that others have room to put their trees and large furniture into the dumpster as well. All trash must remain below the top of the dumpster so that it can be covered and hauled away when it is full.


For the Villa residents, please know that Waste Management does not pick up Christmas trees as part of their normal curbside pick-up. The Christmas trees cannot be comingled with the trash. It is imperative that you bring your trees to the dumpster as well. Leaving your trees at curbside will only impede maintenance and snow removal procedures.

Anyone found leaving their trees elsewhere or not disposing of their trees properly will be fined upwards of $100.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from all of us at Twin Ponds to all of you.

May you fill EVERY day


love, life and laughter.


Story time with Santa was wonderful

We had a wonderful time with Santa last night. Most of the kids came in jammies and brought their blankets and some dressed up in beautiful holiday outfits. The children gathered around Santa at the fireplace as he read Twas the Night Before Christmas and a few other stories. One story was a fairy tale about a tiny pine tree that wanted to have bigger leaves but found out his leaves were just perfect for him. The kids had cocoa with marshmallows and cookies and they all had their turn sitting on Santa’s lap. They each told Santa what they wanted for Christmas. Santa asked each child, “Have you been good?” and if there were siblings he would ask, “Are you good to each other?” Some of them said yes and some answered, “Sometimes”.  Santa rewarded them for being good and if they had answered “sometimes”, he told them to work on it and gave them all a token and candy cane. We heard the children asking Santa for all kinds of toys, one asked for a puppy and one little girl asked Santa for her family to stay wonderful. Awesome!

A huge thank you goes out to Steve from maintenance for doing all the shopping for the event and to Kyle, the Maintenance Supervisor, for staying so late to accompany Deb, the Manager, when we know he was supposed to be doing shopping. Deb loves doing these events for her community and nothing makes her happier than seeing the smiles on the faces not only the kids but the parents too. Twin Ponds is more than an apartment complex, it is truly a community.

Happy Holidays to all of you from all of us at Twin Ponds.

Enjoy these awesome pictures.

Santa 2018


Santa is at the office right now! December 20th 5PM at 7PM

Don’t forget Santa is at the office ready to read a story, take pictures with kids and your pups. We have cookies, cocoa and coffee ready to go. Feel free to let the kids come in their jammies and bring a blankie to sit on. Storytime is at 530 sharp.

See you soon.

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