Twin Ponds at Nashua has had a long, rewarding relationship with Hudson K9 Training Center. Many of our dog-owning residents have benefited from the obedience training and specialized services Hudson K9 provides. They are specialists when it comes to understanding and resolving obedience, aggression, insecurity and anxiety issues.

We are pleased to announce that Hudson K9 is coming to Twin Ponds for a Dog Obedience and Training Demonstration on:

Saturday, May 18th at 11AM at the large dog park

Rain Date: Sunday, May 19th at 11AM


Here is just some of what you will see and learn…

  • Who is Hudson K9? What is Hudson K9 about? What kind of classes do they teach?
  • Have you ever seen obedient, we mean truly obedient dogs? Now is your chance! They will bring their amazing dogs and show off some dog obedience that you can learn with your dogs taking their classes. Nothing feels better than owning an obedient dog!
  • A portion of the demo is dedicated to dog psychology. Dog psychology is so important no matter where you live, but maybe more so in community living. Hudson K9 will talk about aggression, anxiety, what to watch for and how to prevent dog fights.
  • BITE WORK! Seeing incredibly obedient dogs follow commands is incredibly awesome. You know what else is awesome? Watching the Twin Ponds Maintenance Supervisor get in the bite suit! Yes, this is happening!!!!
  • At the end of the demo, there will be a Q & A and Twin Ponds residents will even receive a 10% discount on classes.

Mark your calendars! You do not want to miss this event.

It makes us proud that we allow ALL dogs without breed or weight restriction and it makes us proud to have approximately 300 well-behaved dogs on average in our community. Mark your calendar and come partner with our preferred trainers, Hudson K9.

Posted by: twinponds on May 9, 2019
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