The curbside clean up is a great amenity in the Villas, but it can also mean unsecured trash can find its way into the ponds. There is lots of wildlife here at Twin Ponds and the animals are constantly dragging trash around the property from the dumpsters and curbside as well. Sadly, some people even think littering is no big deal, and that garbage ends up all over the property, including the ponds.

Melissa Davis, a resident from the Courtyards, saw the ugly garbage in the pond and turned it into something beautiful, a clean up day with the kids of Twin Ponds. She contacted management and together we collaborated working out the details and The Pond Squad was born!

We thanked the kids for what they were doing and even talked to them about the importance of “change” and what littering was doing to the waterways and the wildlife. The kids were excited to talk about it and excited to help. We rewarded them with a pizza party afterwards.

Thank you for your hard work Pond Squad and thank you for your initiative Melissa.

It means the world to everyone at Twin Ponds!


Posted by: twinponds on April 29, 2019
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