We decided to put a new plan into place in order to more effectively manage the snow on behalf of our residents. One of the most challenging aspects of property management in New England is hands down snow removal. Weather events have many unpredictable factors which make snow removal a difficult service to begin with. Providing and managing that service in a 400+ apartment community with over one thousands residents and one thousand vehicles on site is a very difficult process.

We have devised a Snow Removal Procedure hoping to obtain efficient, thorough snow removal for our residents. Please be patient and understand that this is the first time Twin Ponds has ever put a procedure in place such as this and we may need to fine tune the Snow Removal Procedures after  we see how the timing goes after a few substantial snow storms. If any changes are made, we will notify you in writing and the Snow Removal Procedures will be changed in the Guide Book.

It is imperative that you read and understand the Twin Ponds Snow Removal Procedures to the fullest and make sure that your guests/visitors do as well since failure to comply may result in towing of vehicles at the vehicle owner’s expense.

Let’s work together and have a successful, safe winter together.



1) Roadways after 2” will begin being plowed and kept passable throughout the storm.
2) Walkways: If snowfall exceeds 6” during a snow storm, walkways will be shoveled one time and again after the storm.
3) Parking spaces/lots: Cleaned after the snow stops accumulating according to the following schedule.

1) If the snow storm stops accumulating prior to 8AM, then all three zones will be cleaned at the specified times that day and you must move your vehicles accordingly.
2) If the snow stops accumulating during Zone 1, Zone 1 will not be cleared until the following day at their scheduled time. Snow removal will begin during Zone 2 and vehicles in Zone 2 must be moved accordingly.
3) If the snow stops accumulating during Zone 2, Zone 2 will not be cleared until the following day at their scheduled time. Snow removal will begin during Zone 3 and vehicles in Zone 3 must be moved accordingly.
4) If the snow stops accumulating during Zone 3 or thereafter, ALL ZONES must adhere to the above schedule the following day. The snow removal contractors will clear empty spaces throughout the evening and the thorough cleanup begins at 8AM the next day.
5) Parking Lot Schedule is not limited to weekdays. The same schedule will be followed 7 days per week, including Holidays.
6) Pay attention to the schedule and the map. You are free to park your vehicles elsewhere in the community in unassigned spaces while your area is being plowed. However, you will need to move your vehicles back to your lot after it is cleared to avoid towing from a different lot.
7) All your vehicles must be moved during your designated time to avoid towing at the vehicle owners’ expense.
8) If you are going away, even for one night, during the winter months, you will need to plan to have your vehicle moved according to the Parking Lot Schedule. It is not Management’s responsibility to move your vehicle and you risk having your vehicle towed at your expense. Unawareness of a snow event will not excuse you from your obligations as a rule-abiding resident.
9) It is your responsibility to inform your guests and/or visitors of the Twin Ponds at Nashua Snow Plow Procedures as they are subject to the same rules and towing without further notice at the vehicle owner’s expense.
10) Vehicles that are “snowed in” shall be subject to towing without further notice at the vehicle owner’s expense.

The Snow Removal Procedures are meant to provide a guideline in which the snow removal contractor, management, and the residents of Twin Ponds at Nashua can work together to obtain the best results possible for all involved. Weather has many unpredictable factors relative to the timing of a storm, the type and weight of the precipitation making it impossible to guarantee these procedures to an exact science. Efficient snow plowing at the premises with the safety of the resident is the goal. Management reserves the right to change the Snow Removal Procedures if it is determined necessary and the Guidebook will be updated accordingly.



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