How green is your thumb? Would you like to find out??? Twin Ponds at Nashua proudly has two community gardens for the residents to enjoy during the summer. We have 18 plots that are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Please read the rules and if you are interested, please follow the simple instructions to claim your plot.

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• Plot numbers will be issued on a first come, first serve basis. We will attempt to plot locations upon request.
• If you were assigned a plot, but you have not tended to it by June 1st, you will be notified via email and the community will be notified there is a plot available. This process will repeat on the 1st of every month throughout the gardening season.
• Only organic, non-toxic pesticides and materials can be used in the gardens.
• Soil will be delivered at both gardens by April 15th.
• The water will be turned on by April 15th
• The Garden Coordinator is Noel. Noel has been a resident at Twin Ponds for several years now and she was kind enough to volunteer her time and take charge of this project. She is who you will be speaking to when you email Thanks Noel!!! We appreciate all that you do. You can always talk to management, but talk to Noel about the garden first.
• We want gardeners! Not I “think I might garden”. We want “I KNOW I will garden”-gardeners because space is limited with only 18 plots. It is first come, first serve based on when we receive your email. We will not accept phone calls to reserve your space. Here is what you need to do:


Copy and paste the following and send it to


Apartment #
Phone #
Did you garden last year?
If so, what was your plot #


We look forward to another great year! We have seen some awesome stuff come out of those gardens. PS: Management loves tomatoes, cukes, peppers…. 🙂 Happy gardening!!!
We would love some garden photos to post this year! Our Facebook is very active and growing all the time. We would like some for our blog on our Twin Ponds at Nashua website page too. Show us where your garden started and where it ended up.

Thank you.
Noel and Twin Ponds

Management would like to thank Noel, a long time resident who volunteers

her time to oversee the Garden for the Twin Ponds residents. Thank you Noel for all that you do!

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